Every Tuesday 12:00 – 21:00

Last entry 20:00

Over 100 attend every Tuesday.

Mini microfibre colour coded towels are too small to wrap around your body ensuring total nakedness, at all times!


Choose a red colour coded mircofibre towel and let everyone know that your preference is top.


Choose a white colour coded  microfibre towel and let everyone know your preference is being bottom.


Choose this colour and simply keep them guessing.

This event is for men who like to be naked with other men.

To ensure this actually happens we only hand out mini micro colour coded towels that are simply too small to wrap around yourself, ensuring everyone is naked!

The towels we provide are four times more absorbent than the ordinary white towel.
However before you’re ready to leave, if you would like a white towel, their use can be purchased at the bar for 50p each.

It’s not a spectators day, please respect the fact that it is naked day and no exceptions will be made.
Exploring the venue and showing off in the glazed glory holes, where viewers in the cinema room will be able to admire you while you interact with others.

Play in the new BDSM area where you can be seen through the window by other men, alternatively make use of the various size private rooms, there is plenty of private / non private areas.

If we actually get some sunshine you could top up your all over tan on our private roof terrace!

Naked Tuesday regularly attracts men from all over the southwest and beyond, from Birmingham in the west midlands to London and as far south as Bournemouth & Brighton.

When you touch it shows.